Review Any of the Three Enneagram Workshops at a Reduced Price of $250

We would be delighted if you would like to review one of the workshops for only $250. The only requirement to get the lower price is that you have already attended this workshop before.

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Upcoming The Enneagram and Mindfulness Workshops

The Enneagram and Mindfulness

Randwick, Sydney, March 15-17, 2019


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Free Enneagram Test

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This workshop will explore the various practices of mindfulness with the objective to allow participants to design their own practice that will allow them to “sit on the steps” and observe. Not all methods suit all individuals – while some struggle with one type of meditation, others may find that meditation very insightful.

The focus of design will be on the “integration” of various inquiry, meditation and mindfulness practices to suit the different enneagram and instinctual sub-types.  The objective of the process is to target the practices to create a balance within the 3 centres to create:

a quiet (but curious) mind, a grounded body and an open heart.

Combining the approaches of the enneagram and mindfulness will deepen our understanding of ourselves.  The understanding of our personality patterns using the enneagram facilitates the practice of mindfulness, while the practice of mindfulness helps us to experience the patterns within us.  This leads to the paradox of the more we know ourselves, the more we can let go of our habitual selves – the central process of transformation.

“The core truth that the Enneagram conveys to us is that we are much more than our personality. Beyond the limitations of our personalities [is the] unrecognized quality of Being or Presence … called our Essence. We do not experience our Essence … because our awareness is so dominated by our personality. But as we learn to bring awareness to our personality, it becomes more transparent, and we are able to experience our Essence more directly.”

—Riso & Hudson (The Wisdom of the Enneagram,1999, p. 27)

The workshop is offered to those who are familiar with their type and the enneagram. The workshop will be held over 3 days and focus on experiential work in the mindful practices as well as group sharing.

The Enneagram and Mindfulness Hide

Randwick, Sydney, March 15-17, 2019

Facilitated by Brendan Mulhall and Mackayla Chalmers

This workshop is to be held at:

The Centre
14 Frances St, Randwick NSW 2031

The workshop will commence at 9.00 each morning and end at 5pm except on Day 3 when it will end at 3.20pm.

  • Registration by deposit online: $100.00
  • Full Fee: $550 (GST incl.) (balance payable: $450)
  • Early Bird fee $500 for registrations before Friday 1st March, 2019 (balance payable $400)
  • The balance of the workshop fee can be paid online five days prior to the workshop, or at the workshop.