Kate is the founder and managing director of an integrative health clinic in Melbourne. Kate began her exploration of the Enneagram over 15 years ago.  Using the Enneagram, she could see how she, and her clients, could move beyond reactive behavioural patterns to a healthier, and more fulfilling life.

She has completed Parts 1-3 of the Enneagram Academy training program and is now an accredited teacher with the Academy.

She recently completed a Year Long Enneagram Certification Program in Conscious Living under the supervision of Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb. During this program, Kate recognised the instinctual subtypes as being a profound influence on the way we behave. More importantly, she realised they were an important key to know where to direct attention to bring about real life changes and mind-body-spirit wellness.

To take this work further, Kate is developing a series of videoed type-panels to explore the instinctual subtypes and their importance for wellness.

She is currently completing her facilitator training with the International Enneagram Academy (IEA) 2022-2023.