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This very special workshop in Adelaide focuses on the ways that we can use the framework and principles to enhance the different relationships in our lives: whether we are navigating family dynamics, team dynamics, or friendship dynamics, the Enneagram provides a way for us to gently and compassionately understand our behaviour and reactivity, as well as to contextualise others' behaviours, reactivity, and motivations. 

Each day commences at 9.00am, with Day 1 concluding at 5:30pm, and Day 2 concluding at 4:30pm. There are breaks for morning and afternoon teas and lunch.

Over the two day workshop, we will explore the Three Centres, and the concept of Personality, engage with the 9 types and the ways that each type moves away from their essence and towards passions and compensating self-concepts, the ways that the types each have their own unique gifts to contribute to the world.

The workshop will also explore behavioural patterns, stress points and security points, and the ways that this shows up in relationships and the dynamics created by the different energies of the types. The focus of this workshop is identifying our own points of stress, and moving towards a stance of undefended love, which opens us up to experiences of our virtues, and enhances the ways we are present in our relationships