Sorry - no workshops of this type currently scheduled - contact us for further information.
Participants must have attended Part 1 - Knowing Yourself, Understanding Others Workshop as well as the prerequisite. (Attendance at Part 2 - Going Deeper Workshop is helpful but not required)

Part 3 is based on the famous work of Joseph Campbell’s work, particularly The Hero With a Thousand Faces.

Brunswick Heads, NSW: Presented by Robert Bruce, Mackayla Chalmers and Chad Beckett

The Call to Adventure provides a profound insight into the most important, most desired and most reluctant adventure of all, the discovery of the self.

Over the three days, we will apply the insights of the Enneagram and the models of Carl Jung developed in Part 1, to re-experience the epic life-restoring journey into the inner world. There will be a significant focus on The Call to Adventure in relationships and an innovative new framework, Prospecting for Gold.

The workshop includes an number of sessions by a dear friend, Chad Beckett, a highly skilled practitioner in movement, exploring the Call to Adventure in the body.