Review Any of the Three Enneagram Workshops at a Reduced Price of $250

We would be delighted if you would like to review one of the workshops for only $250. The only requirement to get the lower price is that you have already attended this workshop before.

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Upcoming Part 3 - The Call to Adventure Workshops

Part 3

Part 3 - The Call to Adventure

South Golden Beach (near Byron Bay), December 14-16, 2018


Free Enneagram Test

Free Enneagram Test

If you are not already familiar with the nine Enneagram personality types we recommend you take our free Enneagram test online. This is a great place to start learning about yourself and how you can use the Enneagram for personal growth and in your relationships.

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Enneagram Academy are currently offering a free fifteen minute consultation on your free Enneagram test results (Australian residents only). Complete your test for further details on this offer.

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Part 3 - The Call to Adventure - Advanced Enneagram Workshop
Part 3 is only offered to people who have completed Part 1: Knowing Yourself, Understanding Others, as it builds on the frameworks developed in this workshop.

Part 3 is based on the famous work of Joseph Campbell’s work, particularly The Hero With a Thousand Faces.

The Call to Adventure provides a profound insight into the most important, most desired and most reluctant adventure of all, the discovery of the self.

Over the three days, we will apply the insights of the Enneagram and the models of Carl Jung developed in Part 1, to re-experience the epic life-restoring journey into the inner world. There will be a significant focus on The Call to Adventure in relationships and an innovative new framework, Prospecting for Gold.

The workshop includes an number of sessions by a dear friend, Chad Beckett, a highly skilled practitioner in movement, exploring the Call to Adventure in the body.

Part 3

Part 3 - The Call to Adventure Hide

South Golden Beach (near Byron Bay), December 14-16, 2018

Facilitated by Mackayla Chalmers and Robert Bruce, with Chad Beckett.

The workshop will be held at South Golden Beach, 25 minutes north of Byron Bay.

The workshop will commence at 9.00 each morning and end at 5pm except on Day 3 when it will end at 3.20pm.

South Golden Beach is exactly 30 minutes from Gold Coast Airport so it is recommended that this airport be used rather than Ballina. There is ample affordable Air BnB accommodation nearby. There are regular shuttle services from the airport to South Golden Beach. Also there will be a free transfer back to the airport at the end of the workshop.

Please ring Robert on 0414 981 064 if you require any guidance on accommodation options.

Please note:

Part 2 (December 8-10) and Part 3 (December 14-16) have been purposely scheduled within days of each other to allow any participants who wish to attend both can come to Byron Bay for Part 2 starting on the Saturday for three days.

They can then have three days enjoying the Byron Bay area and commence Part 3 on Friday 14th December.

Of course, if you wish to attend just one of these workshops, we welcome you to register as normal.

Don't forget our offer for any previous participants to review any of our workshops at a reduced price of $250 - see our homepage for details.

  • Registration by deposit online: $100.00
  • Full Fee: $450.00 (GST incl.) (balance payable: $350)
  • Early Bird fee $400.00 for registrations before Wednesday 14th November, 2018 (balance payable $300)
  • The balance of the workshop fee can be paid online five days prior to the workshop, or at the workshop.