Cofounder and Director of the Enneagram Academy

Mackayla is a co-founder and director of the Enneagram Academy. In that role she has been facilitating Enneagram workshops for over nine years. She has also become widely recognised for her capacity to work with people on an individual or couples basis. Many of her clients have acknowledged the extraordinary insights and intuition that she has brought to these sessions, often with profound outcomes. She has also completed countless sessions in helping people understand their enneagram type and how this plays out in their lives.

Mackayla has undertaken extensive training with Russ Hudson of the Enneagram Institute in the US. She has also pursued her own deep enquiry work, twice attending the Byron Katie School in the US as well as many deep enquiry workshops with Adyashanti. She has been deeply involved in spiritual development for more than twenty years.

Mackayla has for the past ten years facilitated her own workshops, 'Splash and Dribble' using painting as a basis for self-enquiry and the exploration of the unconscious.