Deepening Our Enneagram Practice for Coaches and Therapists

Parkville, Victoria

Friday, August 16, 2024



Deepening Our Enneagram Practice

Melbourne, Vic August 16, 2024

Presented by Andree Evans, Mary Ferguson, Kate McCandless

This workshop is to be held at:

Treacy Centre, 126 The Avenue
Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria

The Course will commence at 9.00am and end at 5pm.

Deepening Our Enneagram Practice for Coaches and Therapists
Friday, August 16, 2024

$350 AUD

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Melbourne, VIC: Presented by Mary Ferguson, Andree Evans and Kate McCandless

Deepening Our Enneagram Practice for Coaches and Therapists is a one day professional development event for Coaches and Therapists in Melbourne, sponsored by the Enneagram Academy Australia.

Embodying the Essence of our type to foster a more authentic, present, and compassionate approach in our therapeutic interactions.For Coaches and therapists exploring the Enneagram’s intricacies, this workshop aims to move beyond intellectual knowledge and delve into an embodied understanding of its principles. The day provides a reflective space to explore our shadow using the profound depths of the Enneagram, and through embodiment practices, bringing our understanding to a greater level of experiential awareness for ourselves and our clients.

  • Embody the wisdom of the Enneagram Map for growth

  • Recognise our shadow in unhelpful Enneagram stereotypes

  • Work with a trauma lens of the Enneagram

  • Connect with supportive, encouraging community

  • Fully catered and concessions available upon application

Key discussions and Insights:

A deepening somatic experience of vice to virtue reveals what it feels like when we are stuck in the coping strategies of our type. Helping us to recognise and move to the gifts and essential qualities of each enneagram point.

Explore the impact of our instincts. Using the body-based centre of intelligence, the enneagram instincts; learn how this instinctual knowledge can be used to reveal the blind spots in client interactions.

Discover a trauma informed approach to the 9 predictable ways our enneagram shadow will play out in the coaching / therapy room. We will explore the trauma-based defense strategies for coach / therapist / client.

Why object relations are a vital piece of the relationship puzzle. Explore the impact of early childhood relationship dynamics to uncover what is happening in present day problems, difficulty and conflict.