Part 1

Part 1 - Knowing Yourself, Understanding Others

Lower Plenty, Melbourne, July 15-17, 2022


The workshop will explore the many facets, interconnections and uses of the Enneagram through discussions, practices and meditations.  Through self-observation and self-understanding we will see the pervasive influence of our personality type on our relationships, our work and our home life. Through these insights we will come to know ourself more fully and be liberated to move towards a more loving and fulfilling life.

The workshop will be devoted to the primary goal of the Enneagram; to provide us with a broader perspective on our lives and to use these insights as a basis for personal growth and transformation.

The later part of the workshop will include some new and innovative frameworks, particularly the use of the Enneagram for radical transformation, for ourselves, and in coaching or counseling, for others. The workshop will endeavour to place the Enneagram within a broader psychological context, drawing on Jung's work with the shadow, individualisation and the transcendent function. There will also be some linkages to contemporary spiritual teachers.

The workshop will be of interest to anyone wanting to move towards self-knowledge, more fulfilling relationships and greater presence in their lives. It may be of interest to counselors and coaches in providing specific frameworks to facilitate transformational change.

For those without prior knowledge, it is recommended that you read as much material on the Enneagram as possible. The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Riso and Russ Hudson is highly recommended.

A binder and comprehensive course materials will be provided at the workshop. Morning and afternoon teas are included.

Each day commences at 9.00am and concludes at 5:30pm, except Day 3 which concludes at 3:20pm. There are breaks for morning and afternoon teas and lunch.


  • Introduction to the Three Centres and the Concept of Personality
  • Enneagram history. Enneagram fundamentals and traditions.
  • The Nine Enneagram types. The movement from Essence to the Passions.
  • The activation of the Virtues and the return to Essence.
  • The gifts to the world of each type.
  • Discussion of wings. Common mistyping.
  • Disintegration and integration. Where do I go under stress?

  • The Horney groups.
  • Behaviour patterns in everyday life. Coaching and self-coaching questions
  • Subtypes or instinctual variants.
  • Levels of development. Compensating self concept. Wake-up calls.
  • Red flags. Relationship to DSM.
  • Points of addiction.

  • Exploration and role of the Passions.
  • Biting the hook. Shenpa.
  • Relationship interactions. The shift to undefended love.
  • Jung’s perspective on the ego. Constellation of complexes, alchemy
  • The cultivation of the Virtues.
  • The remembering of the Holy Ideas.
  • Closing - 3:20pm

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Part 1

Part 1 - Knowing Yourself, Understanding Others Hide

Lower Plenty, Melbourne, July 15-17, 2022

Presented by Andrée Evans, Kate McCandles and Robert Bruce

This workshop is to be held at:

Edmund Rice Centre Amberley
7 Amberley Way,
Lower Plenty VIC 3093

The workshop will commence at 9.00 each morning and end at 5pm except on Day 3 when it will end at 3.20pm.

  • Registration by deposit online: $100.00
  • Full Fee: $550 (GST incl.) (balance payable: $450)
  • Early Bird fee $500 for registrations before Tuesday 14th June, 2022 (balance payable $400)
  • The balance of the workshop fee can be paid online five days prior to the workshop, or at the workshop.