by Robert Bruce
Director and Founder of the Enneagram Academy

This book joins the small but growing rank of writings that go beyond simply describing the types, and show how to use this knowledge for our personal transformation. Highly recommended.

—Russ Hudson

The Way of the Enneagram
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Softcover print edition - free global shipping included

The Way of the Enneagram
$35.00 AUD

Softcover print edition - free global shipping

Most of us, at some time, have had experiences that touch into a much bigger experience of life. Often, they are moments of overwhelming beauty. It may be moments in nature such as the early morning song of a bird; it may be a piece of music; or it may be with people we love.

These experiences are profoundly important and hopeful. They are proof, that almost all of us, have already had, at some time, experiences which are beyond the limitations of our daily lives. We have already glimpsed the innocence of our true nature and the beauty of the Golden World. This gives us direction in our journey with the Enneagram. We are not aspiring to some unknown or esoteric experience; we simply want more of an experience that is already known to us.

Our access to the Golden World has been limited by the protective shells we have built around ourselves to keep away from the difficult experiences of life. They cut us off from the outside world and they also cut us off from what is happening within; we become strangers to our own souls. They are the unnece­ssary wrapping around the psyche. When the wrapping is taken away, we are simply left with the uncomplicated beauty and innocence of our true nature.

The protective shells are the habitual thinking and emotional patterns that are the basis of our Enneagram personality types. Our Enneagram-type behaviours protect us from pain and discomfort, but at enormous cost. As we become aware of these limiting behaviours, we can take the courageous steps to allow the protective shells to be dismantled. And with this we begin our return to the Golden World. This is the Way of the Enneagram.

In The Way of the Enneagram, Robert Bruce lays out a clear and focused explanation of this popular system as a way of authentic self-development. In particular, he does an excellent job explaining the concept of the Levels of Development/Health as taught by Don Richard Riso and myself, and how this teaching serves us in the realization and unfolding of our true nature, our essence.

—Russ Hudson